FestPAC 2024: A Symbol of Unity and Cultural Preservation for Pacific Peoples

Posted on 19 June 2024

The Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC) 2024, held in Hawai’i, has emerged as a powerful symbol in the fight against the extinction of Pacific people. This world’s largest celebration of Pacific culture has brought together thousands of delegates, leaders, performers, and spectators. The festival aims to revitalise and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific islands, which are under threat due to various socio-economic and environmental challenges. A community elder from Guam emphasised that FestPAC is more than just a cultural revival; it is a fight against the extinction of Pacific people. The emotional resonance of this mission has galvanised participants to take action and ensure that their cultures and traditions are not lost to time.

The festival has also served as a platform for regional unity and solidarity among Pacific nations. Delegates from various islands, including New Caledonia and Fiji, have shown remarkable support for each other, highlighting the interconnectedness of their struggles and aspirations. The Fijian delegation’s act of brotherhood by occupying the designated space for the Kanaky people of New Caledonia, who could not attend, has been particularly well-received. This gesture emphasizes the festival’s role in fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among Pacific peoples.

The festival concludes this weekend, with the 14th edition scheduled for 2028, set to be hosted in New Caledonia. Currently, there are four countries bidding to host the 2032 FestPAC.
Source: RNZ

Photo by Joel Abroad via flickr


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