Fifth anniversary of the Rohingya crisis

Posted on 29 August 2022

On 25 August 2017, the greatest tragedy in Rohingya’s history began to unfold in the northern Rakhine State of Myanmar. Five years on, the Rohingya are more than ever in need of protection, everywhere. There are no easy solutions to their predicament. Ultimately, root causes have to be addressed in Myanmar. No progress has been made over the past five years; on the contrary, conditions for Rohingya still residing in Rakhine State has worsened, affected by armed conflict between the Arakan Army and the Tatmadaw since 2018.
In the aftermath of the mass exodus of some 742,000 to Bangladesh, it is estimated that today around 600,000 Rohingya still reside in Rakhine State, including over 150,000 confined to displacement camps for the past ten years.