Fiji supporting NZ local recovery from Cyclone Gabrielle 

Posted on 21 February 2023

On Sunday, the Fijian government offered their support to NZ in response to Cyclone Gabrielle and announced they will be deploying a team to provide much-needed aid. The team will consist of 33 personnel from the Republic of Fiji Military FORCES (RFMF), the National Fire Authority (NFA), and the Fiji NDMO who will support NZ’s emergency service teams. 

 “New Zealand has always been there for Fiji in our hour of need and this deployment is just our way of saying that we are there for New Zealand as well in this, their time of need, in the spirit of our Duavata Partnership,” says Sakiasi R Ditoka, the Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management.  

Fiji has been experiencing their own effects from Cyclone Gabrielle, with severe flooding occurring in the Western division last week. 


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