Findings from the 2022 PNG election

Posted on 29 August 2022

This year’s election in PNG undoubtedly had its shortcomings in the form of violence, an out-of-date electoral role, stolen ballot boxes, and a missed deadline. Despite these shortcomings, DevPolicyBlog has highlighted nine findings from the election related to parties and MPs:

  1. The election result for PANGU was the second most successful in PNG’s history
  2. The two major parties both experienced positive swings, and PNC’s swing was larger
  3. Of the smaller parties, the United Resources Party did well
  4. So far 23 parties have been elected to the 11th parliament
  5. Independents lost out with only 10 being elected compared to the 16 of the last parliament
  6. There was a minor increase in the incumbency rate
  7. There was no trend increase in the number of women elected
  8. There was a big increase in number of third-term MPs
  9. Incumbents and more experienced MPs got declared earlier