Food insecurity and funding shortfalls causing a "humanitarian doom loop"

Posted on 07 August 2023

The UN have provided a severe warning on the global food security crisisThis comes after Russia’s failure to renew the Black Sea Grain Deal last month, sparking outrage from the international community and UN, Secretary-General António Guterres saying that the decision will “strike a blow to people in need everywhere.”
Carl Skau, Deputy Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), more recently spoke at a New York press briefing – addressing the WFP's funding crisis and calling on those in power to priroitise funding and address humanitarian crises globally. 
The doom loop he references comes as “WFP is forced to stop assisting people who are only in the category of ‘crisis level’, this is so that we can save those who are literally starving – the category of catastrophic hunger.”

When they must “save people who are starving” first, this comes at “the cost of millions of others falling closer into that same category” he says.


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