Four ways Mozambique adapts to climate-related crisis

Posted on 09 November 2021

Mozambique is the fifth country globally, most affected by extreme weather over the past two decades, according to the the 2021 Global Climate Risk Index. Almost 500,000 people were affected by Cyclone Eloise, which damaged and destroyed over 56,000 homes in January. Aid groups said the cyclone undid much of the progress they had made since Cyclone Idai and underscored just how much infrastructure still hadn’t been repaired.
As changing weather patterns linked to climate change trigger more intense floods and cyclones in Mozambique, the government and its donors are trying to shift their response. The New Humanitarian explores four aspects of Mozambique’s climate crisis response, examining both their successes and limitations, including:

  1. the country’s early warning system;
  2. flood defense projects;
  3. resettlement initiatives; and
  4. climate-resilient construction efforts.