Humanitarian assistance for Vanuatu following Tropical Cyclone Lola

Posted on 02 November 2023

People in Vanuatu are reeling from Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Lola which hit the nation last week, predominantly impacting those in the Penama and Malampa Provinces.
Reports have estimated that over 150,000 people have been affected by the Tropical Cyclone, and up to 30,000 people may require humanitarian assistance. Food and water shortages are a significant concern, with WASH, shelter and food aid being priorities. The extent of damage and demand for assistance is becoming clearer as communication networks are gradually being restored.
Nanaia Mahuta announced on X that the New Zealand Government will be providing $350,000 to the Adventist Development and Relief Agency for relief supplies, and $100,000 to the Vanuatu Government. She also stated there is an “RNZAF aerial surveillance and relief supply flight, and five NZ disaster response experts deployed” to help the nation respond.
The remote island of Tikopia in the Solomon Islands was also severly impacted, with reportedly over 100 houses destroyed and the population in urgent need of emergency relief supplies.


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