Aotearoa New Zealand's humanitarian response to Vanuatu cyclones

Posted on 06 March 2023

A state of emergency was declared in Vanuatu as the nation was hit by Tropical Cyclone Kevin almost immediately after Tropical Cyclone Judy. The pair of cyclones have impacted an estimated 80% of the Vanuatu population, and the people require immediate humanitarian assistance in the aftermath.

There has been severe damage to infrastructure, huge connectivity issues and widespread power outages, with restricted communication with outer islands. The Southern part of the country was hit most severely, and the extent of the damage still unclear.

The New Zealand government has sent over relief supplies to the nation and a seven-member team of disaster management experts has been deployed to aid the response. They are continuing to work closely with local partners to assess how to best assist.

CID Humanitarian Network member organisations are working with local partners and national authorities in Vanuatu to assist with recovery efforts.



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