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International non-government organisations and social enterprise - Coming together for ‘good’

Posted on 29 November 2018

Author: Genie van Paassen

Synopsis: Are today’s international NGOs destined to become tomorrow’s
social enterprises?

Social enterprise is the current buzz word. New social enterprises are emerging and existing ones are growing from strength to strength, embracing both profit and positive impact.

Not-for-Profits may be forgiven for watching with envy as these self-sustaining organisations bring about social change while avoiding fundraising events, complicated grant and reporting processes, visits to government for funding and expensive public fundraising campaigns.

The New Zealand international NGO (INGO) sector is already experiencing many challenges: how to optimise and measure impact; how to demonstrate value-add, and contributions to development goals; and how to better support local partners in developing countries. The social enterprise model is a tempting answer.

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