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Localisation Baseline Report

Posted on 10 August 2020

Author: Dr Jacqueline Parisi

Localisation Baseline Report (PDF)

Appendix 1 to Localisation Report (PDF)

Appendix 2 to Localisation Report (PDF)

Purpose of report

The purpose of this report is to document the outcomes of the Council for International
Development (CID) Localisation Baseline Study, designed to capture data on localisation
practices by New Zealand international development agencies.

It should be noted that the emergence of COVID in 2020 has accelerated the need for
localisation, and there are instances where localisation has been instigated as a response.
Having said this, it is thought that this response has arisen more from necessity and
assertive advocacy from partners, than from increased INGO commitment, and we are yet
to observe if this reaction translates into a change to business as usual.

The methodology used in the development of this report was employed prior to COVID. As
such, the localisation practices triggered by COVID are not reflected in the results. CID is
working closely with partners, members and donors to monitor progress, and, despite
COVID related application of localisation, it is thought that the challenges and barriers to
localisation evidenced through this report still remain.


This survey was implemented as an outcome of a CID Localisation workshop in May 2019, with more information available here


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