Malawian Woman Champions HPV Vaccination to Combat Cervical Cancer

Posted on 12 February 2024

Malawi faces one of the highest rates of HPV in the world, contributing significantly to its second-highest cervical cancer mortality rate globally. Jessie Mzemba, a 21-year-old woman from rural Malawi, is working with Mothers2Mothers to combat cervical cancer within her region. Being HPV positive herself, Mzemba is dedicated to dispelling myths and concerns surrounding the HPV vaccine. Her mission is to empower women, men, and children with knowledge about vaccination's crucial role in preventing and combating cervical cancer and HPV.

Given that over 95% of cervical cancer cases stem from HPV, Mzemba's focus is paramount. She aims to provide the support and education she wished she had upon her own diagnosis. By advocating for the HPV vaccine, which can prevent 87% of cervical cancer cases in Malawi, Mzemba is facilitating effective change within her community. Her approach involves personal visits to households, particularly targeting those in remote or overlooked areas where awareness about HPV and its vaccine is lacking.

Through her tireless efforts, Mzemba is not only raising awareness but also facilitating access to life-saving interventions, thereby contributing to the fight against cervical cancer in Malawi.

Photo by Rawpixel


Malawian Cancer Vaccination