Myanmar bombing one of the deadliest attacks since 2021 Coup

Posted on 19 April 2023

Last week, over 150 people in Myanmar, including children and civilians, were killed after a bombing of an opening ceremony at a local administrative office.
The attack took place in the Northern Myanmar region of Sagaing, and was followed by more fly overs which targeted those attempting to collect the casualties. The ceremony was being held to mark the establishment of a new office for the local People’s Defence Force, anti-coup militas who operate under the National Unity Government (NUG).
The airstrike has been reported as one of the deadliest attacks by the junta since they rose to p
ower, and sparked conflict, in February 2021. Dr Tun-Aung Shwe from the National Unity Government of Union of Myanmar (NUG) has issued a statement calling for "condemnation of this senseless massacre. We ask our neighbours and ASEAN for immediate assistance with humanitarian aid to this region and the other regions of Myanmar, where 1.8 million people are already displaced."


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