Lawsuit filed against US Government to address child exploitation in cocoa industry 

Posted on 24 August 2023

Last week, a lawsuit was filed against the US Government by International Rights Advocates (IRA), seeking to protect the lives of children being exploited in the cocoa industry.
The lawsuit is demanding the Government to block imports of cocoa harvested by children in West Africa. There is significant evidence showing the levels of exploitation that exists in these supply chains in a region where 70% of cocoa is produced. Companies such as Mars and Nestle stated they would end a reliance on child labor almost 20 years ago, but with a lack of progress advocates want external legal pressure applied to ensure they will do so.

Terry Collingsworth, Executive Director of IRA, has spoked to Associated Press, and said in regard to the US Government that “they will never stop until they are forced to.” They have “the power to end this incredible abuse of African children by enforcing the law, “ he adds.


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