New Caledonia determined to attain sovereignty by 2025

Posted on 30 November 2022

After meeting last weekend, the Caledonian Union, and The Palika Party, both key members of New Caledonia’s independence movement, declared 2025 was still very much a deadline to achieve sovereignty. 

This deceleration comes despite a controversial failed attempt to gain independence through a referendum last year.  

Pierre-Chanel Tutugoro, a member of the Caledonian Union maintained that the independence campaign is still very much alive and well.  

He said “ The FLNKS (the main political alliance of pro independence parties) will mandate representatives of the Kanak people, the colonised people, to form bilateral discussion around a colonial consensus and the accession to full sovereignty. A meeting with the state before our congress will allow us in no way to assimilate proper bilateral talks."