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New Zealand is Watching

Posted on 18 August 2019

New Zealanders Standing Together to Support & Protect Innocent Victims of the Syrian Conflict.

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What this campaign is about:

#NZisWatching is about standing with innocent victims of the Syrian conflict. It’s about sending a message to the world: The people of Syria are NOT forgotten; New Zealand will NOT stand idly by as girls and boys, men and women, are deliberately targeted in this conflict; New Zealand will NOT neglect the most vulnerable refugees who have fled to Syria’s neighbouring countries, and we WILL continue to provide the support and protection they desperately need.

YOU can make a difference! Thank you for signing our petition!

We want to say thank you to our Government, and to the thousands of New Zealanders, who have given generously so New Zealand Aid Agencies can work with the most vulnerable victims of the Syrian conflict. By signing our petition, you are helping us say we must do more!

New Zealand must NOT be silent when innocent civilians are being deliberately attacked.

Right now, in Idlib, Syria, schools and hospitals, villages and marketplaces, are being intentionally targeted. In a 90 day assault on Idlib, war planes and artillery killed over 450 innocent people. Children trapped in Idlib have sent a clear message to the United Nations: “We are afraid. Please help us. Make it stop.” By signing this petition you are saying to our Government, “Lead the way! Rally together the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the World – those who have the influence to stop these attacks on innocent people – and put an end to this senseless killing, once and for all.”

New Zealand must continue to support and protect victims of the Syrian conflict.

The Syrian conflict has caused the greatest refugee crisis of our time. Over 5.6 million Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries, while inside Syria over 11 million people are in need. But after eight years of unrelenting war, the victims of the Syrian conflict are being forgotten. The suffering of Syrian refugees is as real today as when the war began, yet global attention and support is waning. The goodwill of New Zealanders is extraordinary, and in 2017 and 2018, thanks to donations from everyday New Zealanders, New Zealand Aid Agencies were able to help deliver urgently needed assistance to over 142,000 victims of the Syrian conflict.

By signing this petition you’re asking our Government to re-join the work being supported by the New Zealand public, and to help New Zealand Aid Agencies continue working with Syrian refugees. Our Government has previously contributed support to the Syrian humanitarian response, and we are asking that they recommit their support for 2019 and beyond.

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About Us:

Twelve New Zealand Aid Agencies have come together for this #NZisWatching campaign, to stand in solidarity with the victims of the Syrian conflict. Thank you for your support, and please follow the links below to learn about the 12 agencies involved:

ADRA - Adventist Development Relief Agency New Zealand

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand

cbm New Zealand

ChildFund New Zealand

Christian World Service

Council for International Development

Oxfam New Zealand

Rotary New Zealand World Community Service

Save the Children New Zealand

Tearfund New Zealand

UNICEF New Zealand

World Vision New Zealand