NZ Government reveals increased climate financing for Solomon Islands

Posted on 19 April 2023

The NZ Government has announced that they will provide $15 million dollars of funding to the Solomon Islands to assist their climate resilience at grass roots level. Carmel Sepuloni, Deputy Prime Minister, made the announcement of the pledge to the country, which will come out of NZ’s $1.3 billion dollar 2022-2025 climate finance commitment.
“The majority of Solomon Islanders live in rural, low-lying coastal areas of the country, where provincial governments, churches and other community groups deliver essential services”, she said. “These communities are among those on the frontline of the climate crisis — but are those who have contributed the least to climate change.”
The minister, alongside Green Party Leader James Shawconvey the importance of locally led, and indigenous, solutions. Shaw says, “Today’s announcement reflects our commitment to ensuring the response to the climate crisis is inclusive and supportive of local leadership. The initiative will support communities’ right across Solomon Islands to build a resilient, prosperous future using solutions that are right for them.”


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