One year on from the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

Posted on 16 August 2022

Hundreds and thousands of Afghans have since left their homeland, including more than 122,000 people who were airlifted out by the United States and its allies. Many of them during the chaotic evacuation from Kabul’s airport immediately following the group’s takeover on 15th Aug 2021.
“The future is immensely bleak for Afghans if more is not done by the international community to ensure the Taliban changes its modus operandi and complies with its human rights obligations,” UN experts have said in a statement released last week. This statement outlines a call for action for the Taliban, as well as the international community.

Through a joint letter, a group of 32 Afghan and international NGOs are also urging the international community to address the root causes of Afrghanistan’s economic crisis, stand up for human rights and increase humanitarian aid.
A series of photos from Axios offer a glimpse into how life has changed for the millions of Afghans at home and abroad.