Outbreak of violence in Libya  

Posted on 24 August 2023

Fighting erupted in Tripoli early last week, with authorities having confirmed there were 55 killed, and almost 150 injured, in the conflict. 

The fighting was between two opposing milita, sparked by the Special Deterrence Force’s arrest of commander of the 444 Brigade, before being deescalated after the Prime Minister intervened. Libya is politically conflicted nation, controlled by both an interim Government in Tripoli and a different one in the East.
The humanitarian needs have decreased in Libya in recent years as violence has subsided, down from 1.3 million to 300,000 in need. However, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya urges continued support for the vulnerable region and “reminds all actors of their responsibility to preserve the prevailing relative stability and to create a conducive environment for holding elections to fulfill the aspirations of the Libyan people.”


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