Papua New Guinea’s population predicted to increase to 21 million by 2050

Posted on 26 October 2023

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFP) has predicted that the current population of 12.9 million people will increase to 21 million by the year 2050. This was revealed in their Populations Projections Report released at the end of last month.
UNFP country representative in Papua New Guinea Saira Shameen has said that the projected population increase will result in many challenges for nation. This is particularly with young people making up 58% of the country’s demographic, and this proportion expected to remain high.

However, she does believe strengthening family planning and education in Papua New Guinea could create a "demographic dividend", a growth in the nation's economy because of this demographic. 

Listen to this conversation between RNZ Pacific's Don Wiseman and Shameen to hear more on the topic.


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