Psychological impact of Tongan eruption and tsunami

Posted on 17 February 2022

The psychological effects of the Tongan tsunami and volcanic eruption, and now a Covid-19 outbreak, are becoming a concern for locals, a veteran journalist told Stuff reporters recently.
The Tongan government predicts the road to recovery will take years, and was exploring alternative housing in Nuku’alofa for those whose homes were completely destroyed in the outer islands, reports Torika Tokalau
“I’ve interviewed a good number of people at these evacuation centres, and there’s a huge sense of grief and despair,” said Kalafi Moala, the publisher and managing director of the Taimi Media Network in Nuku'alofa.

For more information on The Asia Pacific Disaster Mental Health Network, go here. 

Priorities include:

  • Strengthening community engagement in planning mental health support in a disaster
  • Use of digital technology to reach people with support
  • Clear assessment of the capacity of mental health systems to respond
  • Prioritising high risk groups


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