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Public Private Partnerships - Collaborations for Sustainable Development

Posted on 30 January 2019

CID Discussion Paper


Synopsis: MFAT has recently reviewed the PFID scheme. While one key element of the scheme is to encourage collaborations between the private, public and NFP sectors, in practice, around 89% PFID funding has been directed through INGOs and although many INGOs have explored partnerships with the private sector, few private/NGO partnerships are in place.

The purpose of this discussion paper is to flag an opportunity of a new model for
INGO/Private Sector (PSOs) and State Sector (SSOs) collaborations, and simultaneously to  present ‘points to ponder’ for further discussion. As with all CID ‘discussion papers’, the intention is that this paper is first presented at a CID Talk; discussion relating to the topic is then generated; and finally a potential CID task-force developed to progress the actions.

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