Situation in Tonga following the volcano eruption

Posted on 10 February 2022

Following the powerful underwater volcano eruption in Tonga on 15 January, we continue to liaise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and disaster response agencies on behalf of our members. We are coordinating a response that is informed by Tonga's critical needs.

Our thoughts are with the people of Tonga and their family and friends around the world at this difficult time.

How to support Tonga

As we receive further public information we will update this page.

  • National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) are now responding to three events: the volcanic eruption and tsunami, Covid community transmission and lockdown, and flooding at low-lying areas of Tongatapu as a result of ongoing rainfall.
  • The new target date for repair of the international undersea communication cable is 20 February.
  • The Civil Society Forum Tonga say that the delivery of water to communities has been disrupted by the lockdown with strict Covid protocols in place.
  • NEMO has advised that no additional relief supplies are needed.
  • A significant percentage of port workers are self-isolating due to potential Covid exposures, applying pressure to the already congested port situation and potentially slowing clearance of relief supplies and cargo.
  • At least 83% of Tonga's 106,000 population have received double doses of the Covid vaccine. However, the remoteness of some of these island communities, many with limited healthcare resources, makes them particularly vulnerable to outbreaks.
  • Tonga’s booster campaign has commenced following the arrival of the 9,300 Pfizer vaccinations donated by New Zealand over the weekend.
  • NZ also delivered 10,000 rapid antigen tests

Humanitarian response 


How to support Tonga:

All full CID members are Code compliant which means that the public can be reassured systems are in place for funds to reach the most needed.

These CID members are working with local partners in Tonga:

  • Caritas Aotearoa – working with Caritas Tonga
  • TearFund – working with Tonga National Council of Churches
  • ChildFund – supporting Red Cross
  • Rotary – working with MORDI (Mainstreaming of Rural Development Innovation Tonga Trust), and Mango Tree Centre
  • Habitat for Humanity – working with Caritas Tonga
  • ADRA – working with Seventh-Day Adventist Church Tonga
  • Christian World Service – working with Tonga Community Development Trust, and Ama Takiloa network of women's groups
  • Oxfam – working with Tonga National Youth Council, Tonga National Council of Churches (TNCC), Ma'a Fafine mo e Famili Inc. (MFF), and Tonga Leitis Association (TLA),
  • Anglican Missions – working with Anglican Church of Tonga
  • Christian Blind Mission (cbm) – working with Naunau o’e Alamaite Tonga Association (NATA),  Tonga National Visual Impairment Association (TNVIA), and Lavame’ata’e’iloa Association (LATA)
  • Volunteer Service Abroad – working with Vaiola Hospital, Mai E Nima (‘Give Me Five’), and ‘Uluaki Faiako Cooperation Society
  • World Vision - funds will be channelled through a partner who has a presence and is providing emergency assistance in Tonga
  • International Needs New Zealand – working with Oxfam Aotearoa and working with Tongan National Youth Congress
  • Save the Children - working with the Tongan Ministry of Education

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