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Posted on 16 May 2022

Modern Slavery and Worker Exploitation are serious forms of exploitation seen internationally and within New Zealand. Addressing these practices requires a whole-of-society response, undertaken through strong partnerships across government agencies and with civil society, businesses, unions, academia and international partners.
New Zealand currently has nothing in place to stop slavery in our supply chains. We don’t have any legislation requiring businesses to disclose conditions in their factories and share how their goods are made.
The government is currently seeking feedback on a proposed law to address modern slavery and worker exploitation in supply chains and operations.
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Independent paper with recommendations 

Paper outlining 10 recommendations for NZ modern slavery legislation. If you are drafting an in-depth submission to the consultation document, this will be of great interest: An Opportunity for Impact – Recommendations for regulating modern slavery in supply chains in Aotearoa New Zealand (April 2022)

Media articles


  1. What can New Zealand learn from modern slavery legislation in Australia, the European Union and the United Kingdom? Hosted by World Vision and the Centre for Research on Modern Slavery – 18 May 7.30pm
  2. Proposed modern slavery legislation and its impact on New Zealand companies Hosted by World Vision and the Collaborative Advantage. 23 May 10.00am

See the World Vision website for further information.