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Supporting the Samoa measles response

Posted on 19 December 2019

With over 5,300 measles cases reported, this represents nearly 3% of Samoa’s population. Over 75 lives have been lost. The generosity of New Zealanders during the response has been very much appreciated, but it is clear that additional work will need to continue for communities in Samoa to continue their recovery.


The best way the New Zealand public can continue to support the Samoa measles response is to donate money, whether through already existing family-to-family/ church-to-church connections or to a trusted and experienced organisation.

New Zealand’s international charities are working directly with their partners in Samoa to ensure appropriate and life-saving support is directed to communities and families who need it most.


UNICEF is providing vaccines and immunisation support, while Save the Children has sent a medical team including Midwives. Caritas is provided hospital equipment and transportation support and along with Christian World Service and The Family Centre, providing culturally appropriate psychosocial counselling and family support. ADRA is providing meals for staff and public at health-centres, while Rotary is also providing bereavement support, equipment and additional beds to hospitals.


If you wish to support the response to the Samoa measles epidemic, please consider providing a donation to the organisations below:


Additional information:





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