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Sustainable NGO Business Models

Posted on 26 July 2022

Global environmental, economic, and societal forces are impacting the business models, funding landscape and value delivered by many Non Government Organisations ( The opportunity may exist for NGOs to engineer resilience and sustainability
into their business models through leveraging cross sector partnerships

This environmental scan aims to explore at a strategic level what NGOs broadly refer to as 'new business’, referring to business model transformations that deviate from legacy funding sources, delivery mechanisms, and value propositions in response to emerging global conditions, with a focus on cross sector partnerships

The literature review, along with interviews with C-suite executives of a cross section of NGOs (primarily focused on international development based in Australia), provide deep insight into NGO responses to recent global volatility, the role cross sector partnerships can play in business model sustainability, and lead to recommendations for individual NGOs, and the sector to better leverage cross sector partnership benefits

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