The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards

Posted on 19 August 2022

The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards are a global movement created to recognise primary-age students who strive to make the world around them better.

In doing this they are following in the footsteps of Fred, a Kiwi eye doctor who was appalled at how many people in the world were needlessly blind – and then did something about it. 

Teachers are invited to nominate any Year 5 or 6 student who has demonstrated the values of compassion, integrity and kindness to become the next Humanity Awards Junior Ambassador.

Every year they receive impressive nominations that show New Zealand’s future is in safe hands. They celebrate these young Kiwis who show a level of altruism and consideration beyond their years, such as last year’s Junior Ambassador, Aneke Kilbride who courageously took on the local District Council about the region’s environmental footprint. The passionate young Kiwi also spoke about the longer-term impact of global warming on her generation, even challenging Kapiti Coast Mayor to approach companies to stop plastic packaging rather than organising more bins. The Humanity Awards are our opportunity to highlight and champion the next generation of Humanitarians.