Tribal Violence in Papua New Guinea Rages On

Posted on 23 February 2024

In Papua New Guinea, tribal violence continues uncontrolled, posing a significant challenge to the country's efforts towards stability and peace. Despite efforts to address the root causes of this endemic conflict, recent events underscore the entrenched nature of inter-tribal animosities, which continue to escalate with devastating consequences. Communities across the country are caught in the crossfire of this vicious cycle of violence, with innocent lives lost and livelihoods shattered amid the chaos and bloodshed.

A gunbattle erupted between warring tribes in Papua New Guinea's Enga province on Monday, 
resulting in the deaths of at least 26 combatants and an unconfirmed number of bystanders, according to police reports. The clash occurred as one tribe, accompanied by allies and mercenaries, moved to attack a neighbouring tribe but was ambushed on Sunday. Police Commissioner David Manning described the incident as a "gunbattle between warring tribes," with additional casualties among villagers. Police reinforcements were dispatched to the scene to regain control, though the extent of the conflict remains uncertain. Bodies were collected from various locations and transported to the hospital. As Papua New Guinea, a nation of 10 million people with 800 languages spoken, grapples with internal security challenges, international interest from countries like China, the United States, and Australia intensifies due to its strategic location in the South Pacific.

Photo by gailhampshire via Wikimedia Commons


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