Türkiye and Syria quake zones hit by flash flooding

Posted on 22 March 2023

A month after devastating earthquakes resulted in over 50,000 deaths, Türkiye and Syria have now been hit by severe flooding from torrential rains last week. 
Türkiye's South-East provinces of Adiyamin and Sanliurfa, some of the areas hit hardest by the earthquake, have now experienced further damage to infrastructure as a result of the flooding. Floodwater swamped temporary campsites around Adiyamin where around 220,000 people displaced after the earthquake had been residing.

In Syria, Munir Al-Mustafa, deputy director of the Syria Civil Defence, said “The torrential torrents caused damage to more than 40 camps, which were set up for those affected by the earthquake, in which more than 700 tents were damaged.”


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