Two years since Beirut explosion

Posted on 09 August 2022

Last week marked two years since the explosion in Beirut. On 4 August 2020, ammonium nitrate stored at the Port exploded, resulting in 218 deaths, 7,000 injuries, and US$15 billion in property damage. An estimated 300,000 people were left homeless.
Crowds lined adjoining overpasses on Thursday to commemorate the deaths. Many were also mourning the ongoing destruction of the country; the demise of which is encapsulated in Lebanon’s inability to hold its leaders to account for the blast. United Nations experts and top NGOs have urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to launch an international investigation into the deadly Beirut port blast on the eve of its second anniversary.
With the ongoing impact of the blast, along with the Lebanon lira’s lost in value (also relating to Russian invasion of Ukraine), what once was a middle-income country is becoming a humanitarian disaster zone according to The New Humanitarian.