Ukraine news round up

Posted on 12 April 2022

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its second month, attacks on religious freedoms as well as human rights abuses are escalating. Religious leaders, local officials, civil society, and journalists are being disappeared or arbitrarily detained.
New Zealander Mike Seawright, Relief Aid Executive Director, arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine last week after being in the country for a month. Seawright said that while fighting there may have stopped, missiles were still "raining down" on the city, making it unsafe.
A recent report by The New Humanitarian found that the amount of news attention received by other humanitarian crises pales in comparison to the plethora of articles regarding the war in Ukraine. Outlets have been devoting their entire homepages to Ukraine coverage: On 2 March, for example, 20 of 22 items on the BBC’s “World” page were Ukraine-related stories. Al Jazeera and other news outlets had similar ratios.
The Christian Science Monitor asks if the Ukraine Invasion might portend the end of the post-Cold War era of heightened globalisation. Others caution that while an era of globalization already in retreat is likely to retreat further as a result of the war, no one should expect the full demise of the globalised economy or the international liberal order that fostered it.
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