UN urges support as financial shortfalls threaten Sudan transportation assistance

Posted on 27 July 2023

Yesterday, OCHA published a press release drawing attention to the gap in funding for necessary transportation from Sudan to South Sudan.
193,000 people have fled across the border since April and last month saw a significant increase, with 15,000 people arriving into South Sudan each week. These numbers are estimated to continue rising as the conflict persists.

The UN has announced severe funding shortfalls, and that US$26.4 million is urgently required by humanitarian partners to continue this necessary transportation for the rest of 2023. 

Peter Van der Auweraert, the Acting Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan, reiterates how vital this increased support is. “Everyday support for onward transportation is unavailable, hundreds more will become stranded in and around border towns like Renk, with already overstretched humanitarian services becoming overwhelmed within a matter of days, not weeks,” he says.


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