UNICEF Reports Surge in Child Migrants Crossing Dangerous Darién Gap in Panama

Posted on 24 May 2024

UNICEF has reported a staggering increase in the number of child migrants braving the treacherous Darién Gap this year. The dense jungle, which forms a natural border between Colombia and Panama, has witnessed over 30,000 children crossing in the first four months alone. This alarming figure is set to mark a fifth consecutive year of record-breaking child migration through one of the world’s most dangerous passages.

The journey through the Darién Gap is fraught with peril, and for children, the risks are even more pronounced. Many have lost their lives attempting to navigate the hostile terrain, while others have been born into the uncertainty of the jungle as their mothers give birth en route. Those who survive the ordeal often arrive in desperate need of medical attention, suffering from injuries, infections, and severe dehydration. UNICEF’s Deputy Executive Director, Ted Chaiban, emphasised the dire situation, stating that “the Darién Gap is no place for children,” and highlighting the urgent need for adequate funding to support these vulnerable young migrants.
Source: UN News

Photo: Crossing the Darien Gap in 1996, by Gustavo.ross via Wikimedia Commons


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