Podcast: Barriers to vaccination: inequities & false information

Posted on 16 March 2022

Useful Outsiders podcast episode 2

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A rich and important discussion about some of the barriers to Covid vaccination in NZ and the Pacific. The speakers delve into issues around vaccine inequities, distribution, hesitancy, public trust, and misinformation. They bring perspectives from public health, INGOs, and communities, in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Kiribati and New Zealand. 


  • Sally Angelson, ChildFund New Zealand’s Senior Technical Advisor for Youth, with a focus on the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.
  • Jess Berentson-Shaw, Co-Director at The Workshop, public narrative researcher and advisor
  • Eunice Wotene, interim Regional Director for Oxfam in the Pacific. 


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Thank you to CID Affiliate Member, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, for supporting this episode. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, headquartered in New Zealand, over the past 50 years has become a world leading medical device company specialising in helping people breathe. During the Covid Pandemic they worked closely with organisations such as UNICEF, the World Health Organisation, governments and hospitals around the world (including our neighbours in the Pacific) with their devices helping to treat millions of patients requiring respiratory support.

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