Useful Outsiders Double Episode: Civic Space, Localisation and Partnerships in the Pacific

Posted on 24 November 2023

Useful Outsiders Podcast brings you two new episodes, both facilitated by Rachel Mason Nunn, Director at Mandela Partners and Founder of Good Will Hunters (Australia's biggest development podcast).

The first episode features a conversation with Emeline Siale Illolahia, Executive Director of the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO). Siale discusses PIANGO and its priorities in the region including the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific. She also speaks to civil society, and the capability of civil society organisations in the region, saying “we're professionals and experts with deep experience working in our communities."

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Then Siale Illolahia is joined by Schannel van Dijken, Marine and Heritage Director at Conservation International, and Bernadette Pinnell, Global Business Director at Home in Place NZ, for a panel discussion on Pacific partnerships, localisation and impact. Topics of discussion include effective localisation of resources, the transparency of governance, and the financial resourcefulness, of Pacific communities. Tune in to gain insights into best practice partnership in the Pacific, and the role and impact of a localisation approach for NZ NGOs.

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The podcasts were both recorded live on Day 2 of CID Conference 2023, on 21 September at Pipitea Marae Wellington.

Useful Outsiders is a podcast series brought to you by the Council of International Development (CID), New Zealand. Through conversations and debates, this podcast series looks at the work of the humanitarian and international development sector and challenges us to consider what it takes to be a truly ‘useful outsider’.


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