World Humanitarian Day is our Global Giving Day

Posted on 18 August 2020

World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity for New Zealand’s international aid charities to come together to ask our ‘team of five million’ to consider those who are not only fighting COVID, but also hunger and unthinkable hardship.

COVID is set to reverse 30 years of poverty reduction. The UN estimates over 800 million people globally may go hungry this year. 55 % of the global population have no social protection, including 1.3 billion children.

Council for International Development (CID) and aid charities are asking Kiwis to mark 19th August - World Humanitarian Day - each year as New Zealand’s ‘Global Giving Day’. This is one day a year when even if you already give to aid charities, New Zealanders across the country can give a bit extra to support vulnerable communities overseas, and in the Pacific.

Today, as communities deal with COVID without any government support, our contribution can make all the difference.

A list of appeals - relating to the COVID pandemic and the Beirut Blast - by Council for International Development members can be viewed below. These appeals belong to charities that are CID members and signatories to the CID Code of Conduct which means you can trust in the accountability of these aid organisations to get funds to where they are most needed.

Donate to support the response to COVID

Donate in support of the response to the Beirut Blast

Support the Big Hearts / Connected World campaign to increase aid, led by Oxfam, World Vision, and Christian World Service, with support from other agencies


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