CID Webinar: The aid sector post COVID-19

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Location: Zoom - Meeting ID: 893 3347 7343

Is this ‘the end of the golden weather for NGOs?’ How do we make the most of adversity by recognising the opportunities disruption throws up?

The aid sector in New Zealand will survive, but it will look different post COVID-19. 
To help us understand what the ’new normal’ might look like, Paul Ronalds, CEO of Australia’s Save the Children and author will give a short presentation followed by Q&As. Soft mergers, hard mergers, shared services, joint appeals, more collaboration, and other ideas. Come and explore what the aid sector might look like post COVID-19.

Paul Ronalds is the CEO of Save the Children Australia. Under his leadership, Save has set up strategic mergers to help successful social enterprises achieve greater scale and capacity. Most recently they merged with a digital library organisation that is supporting disadvantaged children around the world to continue their education under COVID 19 lockdowns.
Paul has published many articles on change,  and a book – The change imperative: Creating a next-generation NGO – that examines the challenges faced by international NGOs in a rapidly evolving global political context.
He was also the keynote speaker at CID’s annual conference in 2017


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