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CID Workshop: Raising the profile of your organisation

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Two online sessions: 9:30am-12:30pm on 23rd and 30th June 2022 - if you can only make one of the sessions you will have access to watch video recordings.


Would you like to raise the profile of your organisation but feel like you lack time and budget to do it well?

Would you like to know how to make the most of your communication channels so that the time you spend is truly effective?

This workshop from Exult is designed to help organisations unpack the marketing process and create a plan to make marketing manageable when they feel like they lack the time and budget to do it well.

You will hear practical ideas for marketing your messages and encouraging people to take action, whether that is raising profile and awareness or connecting with donors, supporters, and volunteers.

The workshop will cover

  • What you need to consider in getting people’s attention, how to cut through the clutter and let people know your organisation exists
  • What people want to know about you before they take action and how you can share your messages in a way that sticks
  • How to use existing marketing channels more effectively, specifically simple ways to maximise newsletters, websites and social media
  • The importance of using local media and how to get your organisation in the media spotlight
  • The multitude of marketing opportunities available in the community and the importance of using them to be persistently consistent
  • A range of free (or nearly free) tools to help to create professional looking marketing material
  • How to create a marketing plan that makes the most of time available and budget

The facilitator

Megan Thorn is a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm with more than 17 years’ experience in facilitation, as well as developing, designing and delivering training programmes. She has worked with people in corporate, government and non-profit organisations all over the world, and her passion is working with people who make a real difference in their communities.

An intense curiosity of how people have ideas and how they take them from idea to action, fuels Megan’s special interest in the fields of creativity, innovation, collaborative teamwork and leadership. She is particularly skilled at facilitating problem solving or planning discussions and helping your organisation focus on moving forward.

Megan is the Managing Director of Exult. In addition to sailing the Exult ship she volunteers with her local branch of Bellyful New Zealand. This on-the-ground volunteering means she knows first-hand the challenges faced by organisations.