EMBODYING CHANGE : a second online conference about re-imagining International Development

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Location: https://healingsolidarity.org/

A week of conversations with activists, practitioners and thinkers interested in reforming international development practice, and figuring out how to care for ourselves and one other in the process.


What we’ll explore:


  • What it means to be practitioners committed to embodying and practising the changes we want to see in the context of international 'aid' and 'development'.
  • How to identify and disrupt the ways in which our sector manifests the things we abhor; colonial attitudes, racism, professional bureaucracies out of touch with their values.
  • What it means to be resilient and be self-reflective as practitioners
  • How we can build just cultures in organisations, communities and initiatives which create the collective care we crave.


You can look at some of the contributions from last year at this page.

It's a free online event and you can register here