Partnership Brokers Training

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Location: Sisters of Mercy New Zealand, Wellington

Multi-stakeholder partnerships are multiplying in New Zealand.

Communities, NGOs, government agencies and business, are building a common interest in partnering to achieve more co-created, enduring results. Yet partnering is easier said than done and many partnerships fall short of expectations. Those who make partnerships happen are key to partnering success. This programme is for them. It builds their knowledge, skills, tools and Insights.  In November 2019 this unique and highly sought-after global program is being run in Wellington. It provides those working in partnerships with in-depth development on how to partner effectively. You’ll leave with:

  • Tools, techniques and skills for brokering partnerships that get results
  • Enhanced confidence and competence as partnership practitioners
  • A framework and knowledge for robust, efficient and innovative partnerships
  • Knowing common principles, barriers and enablers of multi-stakeholder collaborations
  • Ways to overcome common partnership brokering challenges (both for those working internally and independently)
  • Personal and professional insights into the roles, skills and competencies needed in building successful collaborations
  • Membership of a global professional association of partnership brokers offering support, research, networks and further development opportunities

The course can be used in two ways: one as an individual or team professional development, and two, as real-time partnership building. When partners from different organisations attend together, they build a common language and framework while developing strategies for the design, management and review of their partnership.  On this intensive program, you’ll be part of a diverse group from business, government, philanthropy, education, community and voluntary sectors. The group will be limited to 24 participants with two facilitators in order to maximise the potential for exchange and personal attention to individuals.

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