CID Humanitarian

CID facilitates the Non-Government Disaster Relief Forum (NDRF), a standing committee of CID made up of members that have an interest and involvement in international humanitarian response and emergency management issues.


The aim of the NDRF is to provide a collective civil society voice and forum for co-operation and shared learning for best practice in international humanitarian assistance for New Zealand NGOs. NDRF members work closely together during humanitarian emergencies to minimise duplication and ensure their response is as effective as possible.


Usually the focus of the group is on their humanitarian work across the world, however NDRF members were on the ground shortly after the devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch in 2011. The NDRF worked to ensure coordination amongst not only members but other international NGO’s that come to work in Christchurch during the response.


NDRF is an open forum and encourages non-CID members and observers, such as the Red Cross and the Ministry for Civil Defence and Emergency Management, to engage with the NDRF and contribute to outcomes of the forum.


For up to date information on the latest emergencies, or for more information about the NDRF, contact Aaron Davy,


NDRF currently has 18 members and 6 observers.