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2020 Aid Sector Survey Launched

Posted on 12 November 2020

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CID recently released its annual survey of the sector – ‘Bracing for COVID-19’. It covers CID members for their last financial year, and looks at their sources of income, priorities, where they work, and who they work with.


This year’s survey covers activities before COVID, and into the first few months of the pandemic, revealing signs of how the sector is starting to adapt to COVID.


Key points:

  • There is a slight drop in overall income, from $202 million last year to $190 million
  • This continues a decline in public donations over 15 years, primarily from child sponsorship
  • COVID is beginning to impact fundraising (although fundraising remains relatively healthy)
  • Public funding remains the main source of income for aid charities, but dependence on government funding has increased
  • Collaborations between aid charities has declined slightly, but is expected to increase as more aid charities work together to respond to COVID
  • Partnerships with community organisations in-country has increased, particularly in the Pacific
  • Positive trends have been accelerated by COVID - locally-driven development and humanitarian responses have increased, as closed borders prevent travel from New Zealand
  • 80% of aid charities have partnered with a Pacific organisation
  • 66% of aid charities reported a partnership with a New Zealand business – up from 54% last year
  • Funding to the Pacific as a proportion of income is up from 20% to 30%
  • But aid charities also continue to respond to the greatest need around the world, demonstrating the breadth of the sector’s work.
  • South Sudan receives the most funds, and four of the top ten countries are in Africa, with three in the Pacific and three in South-East Asia.