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CID Members Advocacy Snapshot: May-August 2020

Posted on 14 September 2020

CID recently released this quarter's Advocacy Snapshot, showcasing our members' advocacy activities from May - August 2020. This period saw a drastic shift in focus of the advocacy activities of CID members from previous periods, due to the current climate and recent events. This report compiles these activities, with a focus on the thematic distribution.

In the Jan-Apr 2020 period, the most prominent themes of Members’ advocacy activities were COVID-19 and environmental. As demonstrated above, members have shifted their activities to advocate for those impacted by the tragic Beirut blast in early August, as well as continuing to advocate for those worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This quarter also saw a rise in youth-related advocacy activities, with many Members recognising youth as the most vulnerable during the current pandemic. 25% of advocacy activities from this quarter were related to youth, with advocacy activities such as the joint press release by thirteen aid organisations warning that children in low-income countries will be the most affected by the global pandemic being a prime demonstration of this shift in focus[1].

The full report can be viewed here.