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CID Members Advocacy Snapshot: September-December 2019

Posted on 17 December 2019

The September-December 2019 period saw CID Members engaged in numerous advocacy activities. This report compiles these activities, focusing on their thematic distribution.

Climate Change and Environmental Issues were most prominent, making up 45% of the Member advocacy activities recorded in this report. The scope of advocacy in this thematic area primarily included activities related to the Climate Strike, Zero Carbon Bill and the United Nations Climate Change Conference [COP25]. These were all salient topical issues in New Zealand, that the public engaged with to varying degrees.

Gender-related advocacy was also notable over this period of time. 20% of Members’ advocacy activities pertained to gender, whether this be gender-based violence, gender equality or female empowerment. A notable campaign in this regard was the UN Women ‘16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence’, which was engaged in by both the UN Women National Committee for Aotearoa New Zealand and Tearfund.

Child rights were also an important advocacy area, constituting 15% of Member advocacy activities. The push of advocacy in this area corresponded with Universal Children’s Day (the 20th of November) and the 30th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on the Rights of the Child.

Other thematic areas that Members’ advocacy activities engaged with included migration, nuclear weapons and Pacific Development.

Download the full Advocacy Snapshot here.