CID Talk: Nancy Yuan: Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action

Posted on 15 August 2018

Established at the World Humanitarian Summit and endorsed by over 50 NGOs, UN entities, and governments, the Compact is committed to transforming youth humanitarian action

To commemorate International Youth Day, Nancy Yuan, from the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY), discussed the ‘Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action’ and how New Zealand’s NGO’s can better meet the unique needs of young people and meaningfully engage with this often overlooked cohort in humanitarian crises.

UN MGCY is the UN General Assembly-mandated official space for children and youth to contribute to and engage in certain intergovernmental and allied policy processes at the UN. Nancy is the Pacific Regional Focal Point of the UN MGCY Humanitarian Affairs working group. Currently, Nancy is the Climate Migration intern at Oxfam New Zealand.



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