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Tonga Caritas

Climate Change Pressures Prompt Women in Tonga to Seek New Homeland

Posted on 08 March 2024

As the impacts of climate change continue to intensify, women in Tonga are facing the harsh reality of displacement, prompting discussions about seeking new lands to call home. Rising sea levels, increasingly frequent extreme weather events, and coastal erosion are among the factors driving…
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The Amazon Rainforest Faces its Most Severe Drought

Posted on 01 February 2024

The Amazon rainforest, often referred to as the "lungs of the planet" for its crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide, recently experienced its most severe drought in at least 50…
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Island Nation of Kiribati Affected by Climate Change

Global Forum Addresses Climate-Induced Relocation Challenges in the Pacific  

Posted on 26 January 2024

From 23-25 January, the 14th Global Forum on Migration and Development took place in Geneva. The summit bought together government expertise globally to discuss challenges and opportunities pertinent to international migration and development, and…
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Island Nation of Kiribati Affected by Climate Change

Australia grants residency to Tuvaluans displaced by climate change in groundbreaking Falepili Agreement

Posted on 21 November 2023

At this month's Pacific Islands Forum leader’s meeting, Anthony Albanese, Australia Prime Minister, and Kausea Natano, Tuvalu Prime Minister, announced that Australia would offer residency to Tuvaluans forced to relocate due…
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Vanuatu climate

UN adopts Vanuatu climate change resolution

Posted on 05 April 2023

Last week, the UN general assembly adopted a Vanuatu-led resolution, asking the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to give an advisory opinion on climate change. The resolution raises questions about the role…
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Samoan climate leader speaks at Commonwealth Service

Posted on 15 March 2023

Last week, Sulafi Brianna Fruean, a young Samoan climate advocate, was invited to speak at the annual Commonwealth Service in London. The conference is Britain’s largest inter-faith gathering each year, where…
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Sea level rise threat to peace and security 

Posted on 23 February 2023

Last week, the UN Security Council held its first ever debate on climate change and discussed its predicted implications on peace and security. UN Secretary-General António Guterres opened the conversation, and described climate…
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ChildFund​  - Betio Kiribati - climate change

What is climate finance?

Posted on 01 February 2023

Developing nations are on the front lines of the climate crisis, but unlike the world’s biggest economies, many are without access to the resources needed to mitigate and adapt to…
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COP27 banner

COP27: Loss & damage fund agreed but failure to tackle emissions

Posted on 21 November 2022

The United Nation Climate Conference, COP27, closed on Sunday with a breakthrough agreement to provide loss and damage funds to vulnerable countries hit hard by climate disasters.

However, outcomes of the…
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COP27: calls for climate justice

Posted on 08 November 2022

PIANGO demands urgent and decisive action The Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (PIANGO) and partners, outlined a list of key asks, that demand urgent and decisive action.

The detailed demands are relevant…
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