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Ukraine conflict risks aid security in South Sudan

Posted on 20 June 2022

The World Food Programme has announced it is suspending food aid for 1.7 million South Sudanese, driven by funding being redirected to the Ukraine War and the prices of staples…
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Cash is best for Ukraine

Posted on 21 March 2022

CID has been advocating primarily for cash donations in the Pacific with recent disasters, we are now seeing the message being repeated in Europe with the crisis in Ukraine. There…
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The impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on global food supplies

Posted on 14 March 2022

The war in Ukraine will continue to deliver several ‘shocks’ to the global supplies, and the cost of food, the Director of the world's biggest fertiliser companies, Yasa International has…
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New Zealand NGOs supporting the Ukraine response

Posted on 02 March 2022

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, the Council for International Development (CID) and its NGO members are watching the situation closely and supporting the response.

Nearly 750,000…
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Impact of war in Ukraine on the most vulnerable

Posted on 16 February 2022

The ties between the conflict in Ukraine and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region are complex. Regional states have a direct interest in preventing escalation and in minimising…
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