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Concern for millions of children unvaccinated in the Middle East and North Africa

Posted on 03 May 2023

A recent press release from UNICEF reveals that between 2019-2021, over 4.3 million children in North Africa and the Middle East did not receive a single measles vaccine dose, and 3.8 million…
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WHO and UNICEF establish cholera vaccination programme in Syria

Posted on 16 March 2023

It has been announced that 1.7 million cholera vaccines will be administered to individuals aged one year and older in Syria. WHO and UNICEF are working alongside the Syria Immunisation Group and…
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Countries to include donations of vaccine doses as foreign aid

Posted on 22 February 2022

Last week, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Development Assistance Committee issued a statement, which says that countries will be able to count donations of unwanted vaccine doses…
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How to change people's minds on vaccines - latest research

Posted on 16 February 2022

Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw, author of A Matter of Fact. Talking Truth in a Post-Truth World and Co-Director of The Workshop outlines how to be effective when countering misinformation.
Telling people they’re stupid and shouting…
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