Yemen CSOs call for localisation of humanitarian action

Posted on 24 November 2022

49 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Yemen have issued a joint statement that called on funders, donors, and UN agencies to implement their commitments, calling for the following demands:  

  • Neutralize humanitarian action from the agenda of war and conflict. 
  • Implement the UN agencies and international organizations commitments to localize humanitarian aid enshrined in the Grand Bargain and the Charter for Change.  
  • Assess the impact of funds spent on emergency humanitarian response in Yemen since 2015.  
  • Radically reconsider the strategy of UN bodies in managing the humanitarian response in Yemen in order to meet society's actual needs and strengthen institutional building.  
  • Bridge the gap between emergency humanitarian and development activities, and allocate the greatest amount of aid and grants to development projects so that they meet the population's long-term needs.  
  • Enable local organizations to implement and manage development and humanitarian projects that meet communities' actual needs, create jobs, and achieve positive sustainable results.  
  • Support and build an effective partnership with civil society organizations by financing medium and small economic empowerment projects.  
  • Prior to calls for project proposals, donors should consult with local organizations and stakeholders to identify priorities and contextualize interventions.  
  • Promote capacity-building of local organizations and allocate part of the funds to strengthen their institutional structures and systems in automation and governance and enable them to access direct funding to implement their humanitarian and development interventions.