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Organisations and individuals involved in international aid and development can apply to join CID as a member.  By joining CID, you will be connected to a strong community of Aotearoa New Zealand international development NGOs and their partners.

CID connects, strengthens, and promotes its members, and aims to increase the impact of the sector’s development practice and humanitarian assistance through research, advocacy, and shared learning.

By becoming a CID member, you will be able to contribute and influence changes in the sector and be part of the dialogue with the government over issues affecting international aid.  You and your staff and volunteers will have access to CID’s training and workshops, plus CID Talks and events, including the CID Annual Conference. You will be part of a dynamic network of development and humanitarian organisations, and your membership will strengthen CID as a respected and influential voice for the development community in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Click here to see our current members – over 80 organisations working to support international development.

There are three types of memberships, Individual Members, Full Members and Affiliate Members:

Full Membership is for New Zealand based organisations that are incorporated societies, charitable trusts or not-for-profit companies with charitable status, that have been in existence for at least three years. New Full members must become CID Code of Conduct signatories within two years of joining CID. Fees are reasonable and based on income spent on international development activities.

See more here on our Code of Conduct

Affiliate Membership is for organisations, institutions or companies with a significant presence in New Zealand that work in related fields, in related projects, or are supportive of international development or humanitarian aid; including academic institutions/think tanks, consultancy firms, business, and social enterprises. It is open to any organisation that does not fit the criteria for full membership but has significant value to offer the sector and vice versa.  The organisational activities must be consistent with the principles and objectives of CID, but they are not required to be compliant with the Code of Conduct. Fees are set at 75% of Full Member fees, or based on number of staff working on international development activities.

Information requested on organisations and institutions will include (where applicable) latest annual report, latest audited statements, trust deed/constitution/founding document, with a brief description of the organisation/institution showing how it works in or supports international development.

Lastly, our new category:

Individual Membership is for any individuals (who may or may not be currently working in development, but who did, or will, or are just interested to stay involved) and sole trader consultants working in international development.

The activities of the sole trader consultant must be consistent with the principles and objectives of CID, but they are not required to be compliant with the Code of Conduct. Consultancy firms or groups can be Affiliate Members - see above. Individual and consultant membership fees are a low set amount.

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