ADRA New Zealand

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is the official humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ADRA NZ works as part of the global ADRA network, through which our reach extends into more than 130 countries. ADRA New Zealand together with its in-country partners, local CSOs and volunteers typically reaches about 100,000 family members annually, including children, youth, the elderly and people with disabilities in the Pacific, South-east Asia, and New Zealand.









Myanmar the Sustainable Rural Economic Development Project works in 12 villages in Myanmar’s Chin State to ensure families have the skills and resources they need to produce more nutritious and profitable crops, while at the same time taking better care of their environment.


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Timor-Leste the Farmers to Markets Project in the Viqueque Municipality provides agricultural support services ensuring sustainable and resilient crop yields. Not only will this improve food security, but also families are able to improve food security to improve everyday diets and overall general well-being. 


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Bangladesh (Rohingya Refugees) ADRA Emergency Response are providing emergency shelter kits for the new arrival of Rohingya people newly arriving to refugee camps and for those who are using sub-standard shelters or are in overcrowded shelters.



adra 4Vanuatu Clean Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion and Resilience Building project in Sanma and Penama provides access to clean water, sanitation facilities and good hygiene practices. The project impacts 9,000 people!



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Vanuatu Emergency Response project following the Volcanic Eruption on Ambae, families have been forced to evacuate to Maewo and leave their homes behind. Activities to assist the evacuees to continue a life with dignity include implementation water supply systems, safe drinking water through rainwater systems, sanitation systems, shower shelters and distribution of WASH and Hygiene Kits.


adra 6Samoa Emergency Response project responds by assisting 2,250 households with their immediate agriculture and shelter needs in the area affected by Tropical Cyclone Gita in Samoa. This will be achieved through providing shelter repair kits, agricultural livelihood kits and community disaster risk management and build back safer trainings. 



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Papua New Guinea Earthquake Emergency Response supporting early recovery by increasing access to safe water and sanitation facilities with an emphasis on managing hygiene practise. It supports access to relevant medical supplies and facilities with an emphasis on responding to injury and disease risks. Individuals and communities will also be supported to manage post-earthquake trauma and conflict through Psychosocial Support and Peace Building activities.


In New Zealand, about 40-50 community-led initiatives are implemented in various communities every year.  These initiatives range from youth empowerment, skills development, parenting, financial literacy, and depression recovery programmes among others.  This is done in partnership with local CSOs including churches and schools supported by the general public and NZ-based foundations.


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